Devrimci İşçi Partisi, 29 Eylül 2012
The Revolutionary Workers Party of Turkey (DIP) calls on the revolutionary people of Egypt and its organisations to create channels through which we can communicate, cooperate, conduct joint activity, and condemn this new initiative to bring the two countries together under conservative and collaborationist governments. Yes, Egypt and Turkey should no doubt join hands in fraternity. But what for? Not to serve the interests of the capitalist classes of the two countries or side with imperialism against oppressed nations or reconcile with Zionism. No, the interest of the working classes...
Gerçek, 17 Eylül 2012
After the summer camp of 2011 devoted to a study and discussion of V.I.Lenin, the Leon Trotsky Summer Camp of 2012 was held for five days between 29 August-2 September on the Aegean coast of Turkey, at a site aptly facing the Greek island of Lesvos. True to the internationalist heritage of Trotsky, the camp hosted a series of comrades from Italy, Greece, Russia, Scandinavia and Cyprus. Close to 100 participants shared long hours of theoretical and political discussion as well as cultural and sports activities.
Sungur Savran, 10 Ağustos 2012
The article below was first published in Spanish in the Prensa Obrera No. 1233 of 2 August 2012, paper of the Partido Obrero of Argentina (http://po.org.ar/po1233/2012/08/02/siria-entre-la-revolucion-y-la-contrarrevolucion/). It was also published in English on the web site “Socialist Project” of Canada (http://www.socialistproject.ca/bullet/676.php) on 7 August 2012.
Gerçek, 3 Mart 2012
The Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) held its conference on international work over the weekend of 18-19 February 2012 in Ankara. The conference was part of a series of conferences organised by all the sections and supporting organisations affiliated to the Coordinating Committee for the Refoundation of the Fourth International (CRFI) in order to discuss the methods to advance the political work and consolidate the organisational structure of the international centre.


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