RedMed.org , 13 Haziran 2017
The world capitalist crisis, after ten years of economic stagnation, social devastation and political convulsions, continues and sharpens with no solution in sight.All the extraordinary measures taken by governments and central banks after the Lehman Brothers debacle, the rivers of liquidity to the imploding financial system at a gigantic social cost under a permanent regime of the most draconian “austerity” on the popular masses, has failed to bring an end to the world slump, a Third Great Depression in the history of world capitalism. On the contrary, they have produced the social, economic...
Gerçek, 24 Mayıs 2017
The Balkan Socialist Center “Christian Rakovsky” and the RedMed web network have already organized successfully three international conferences in recent years. Now, conscious of the urgency of the situation and the necessity for internationalism in action, we call all militant workers and popular organizations and social movements in Europe, the Middle East and internationally, as well as the forces of the revolutionary Left, coming from different traditions, to join us in an Emergency 4th Euro-Mediterranean Workers Conference in Athens, Greece, on May 26-28, 2017.
Devrimci İşçi Partisi, 29 Nisan 2017
After Syria, which is a vortex that can grow over into a full-scale regional or even a world war, now comes the question of North Korea. Some weeks ago, the Chinese foreign minister had clearly said that the North Korean situation may lead to war any moment. Then, Michael Pence, the vice-president of the US, on his visit to South Korea declared that all options were "on the table". Now it is Trump's turn: The North Korean situation, he says, may lead to a "major, major conflict". The Revolutionary Workers' Party (DIP) held an Emergency Conference in February 2016, just as Saudi Arabia was...
Devrimci İşçi Partisi, 17 Nisan 2017
The results of the referendum have not become definitive and will in all probability be debated for at least days to come.
Sungur Savran, 25 Mart 2017
Today, 25 March 2017, is the 60th anniversary to the day of the signing of the Rome Treaty, which set in motion the whole historical process that culminated in the European Union, after going through the stages of the European Economic Community and the European Community tout court. This has long been presented as a success story, almost exemplary, the legend goes, in terms of the supersession of the nation state, to be emulated by attempts at supranational integration around the world.
Gerçek, 10 Şubat 2017
Revolutionary Marxismis a brand new journal of theory with quite a long history. The irony derives from the fact that this journal is the English edition of a journal that has been published in Turkish for ten years. Devrimci Marksizm has now brought out its first special annual issue Revolutionary Marxism 2017.
Turkey is being conducted to a referendum in order to vote the constitutional amendments that were approved by parliament as a result of discussions hidden from the public, the imposition of the open ballot and public brawls. These amendments imply the establishment of a despotic regime. They want to resuscitate the despotic regime which was defeated by the revolutions of the toiling people of Turkey from all nationalities and every corner of the country. The despotic era of Abdul Hamid II represented the interests of the landlord who exploited the Ottoman peasants, the agha, the usurer, the...
Sungur Savran, 18 Aralık 2016
This is the 600th anniversary of that great internationalist communist revolution. Obviously the revolution came before conditions were mature for communism. It was bound to fail, if not before taking power, then after it. However, that it should have erupted in a geography that now harbours the two nations of Greece and Turkey is a great honour for us.
Armağan Tulun, 14 Aralık 2016
This article was originally written in Turkish and published in the October issue of Gerçek, the central organ of the Revolutionary Workers' Party (DIP). It was later slightly updated and translated into English by another comrade.
Sungur Savran, 12 Kasım 2016
We can enumerate countless reasons for Trump’s election victory. But the main reason lying behind all the others is the Third Great Depression. The world has entered a new stage after the great financial crash in 2008. What started after that watershed moment was an economic crisis with a rarely seen profundity in the history of capitalism. Depressions are distinguished from the regular, ordinary and shorter-term crises by the impossibility of a spontaneous recovery. Depressions cannot come to an end without gigantic political, military and social upheavals. During this process, the old...


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