Gerçek, 2 Ocak 2014
Turkey is in the convulsions of a massive crisis ensuing from the unearthing of immense corruption that involves government ministers, their sons, including the son of the prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan himself, construction and real estate magnets, the CEO of a major publicly owned bank, and others. We are presenting below a resolution published by the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) of Turkey.
DİP , 16 Temmuz 2013
  We call on our Egyptian brothers and sisters to join a common fight against all kinds of oppression. Past history bound us together under the yoke of the Sultans and the Pachas. Present history calls us to fight together to bring down all kinds of oppression and exploitation once and for all. Tahrir and Taksim provide us with the will and the power to do so!
Sungur Savran, 4 Temmuz 2013
  The near equality in strength of the two camps contending for power in Egypt led the army to stage a Bonapartist coup. It is not only the recent episode of unprecedented crowds in the millions coming out on 30 June that has made the army move. This struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood government of now deposed president Mohammed Morsi, on the one hand, and the opposition, represented by the National Salvation Front, and more recently by the Tamerod (Rebel) movement, on the other, has been going on since last November. This is, in fact, the third wave of spectacular demonstrations by the...
Sungur Savran, 2 Temmuz 2013
The evacuation of Gezi Park by the police on the night of 15 June through the ample use of tear gas, and for the first time chemically enhanced water cannon, has not extinguished the fire of rebellion in Turkey.
Sungur Savran, 17 Haziran 2013
After days of hesitation and negotiation, the government has finally decided to evacuate the Taksim Commune, where thousands camped in Gezi Park and which tens of thousands visited every night. Police attacked Gezi Park yesterday evening and after evacuating it using tear gas and, as a novelty, water cannon apparently supplemented with a special kind of chemical since it burnt the skin of everyone it touched, razed the tents, the infirmary, the kitchens and the library established there to the ground.
Gerçek, 14 Haziran 2013
We, gathered in the International Workers Euro-Conference on June 9-10, in Athens, militants coming from twenty countries of Europe, West and East, North and South but also from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latina America, fighting in dozens of various political organizations and parties of the revolutionary and anti-capitalist left, of combative trade unions, of social movements, of collectivities of popular self-organized struggle, we call  the workers, unemployed, pauperized and social excluded masses in every country to join into a common struggle for an internationalist...
Gerçek, 12 Haziran 2013
Resolution on Turkey was adopted unanimously by the International Conference "Europe in Crisis: For a Revolutionary Internationalist Alternative". 
Sungur Savran, 8 Haziran 2013
On May Day 2013, the police poured tonnes of tear gas on tens of thousands of workers and youth in different quarters of Istanbul in order to stop them from approaching Taksim Square. The government had decided that this square , the traditional venue for May Day celebrations and home to daily political actions big and small, was to be shut to demonstrations this year because development work was being done on a massive scale involving huge excavated pits making it dangerous for crowds.  In a ludicrous act, the governor of Istanbul stood atop a mound at the edge of one of those pits to hold a...
Sungur Savran, 1 Haziran 2013
Istanbul has become a battlefield covered by tear gas. The police, no doubt at the behest of Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP government, have been attacking protestors in the centre of the city, near Taksim Square, for five consecutive days. This would have been no news at all: Turkish police are famous for their brutality in dealing with demonstrations unwelcome to the government. Only a month ago, on May Day, they had dispersed a gathering of thousands of workers and unionists using tear gas unsparingly. So nothing new on the police front. This time is different for another reason.
Gerçek, 28 Mayıs 2013
The Coordinating Committee for the Refoundation of the Fourth International (CRFI) and RedMed are jointly organizing a conference of internationalist revolutionary forces of European countries to meet in Athens, Greece on 9-10 June 2013. The aim is to close ranks among forces fighting against austerity in the different countries of Europe, to determine a common policy against that of the Troyka and the capitalist governments of the countries in question, to organize campaigns and work together in the future, as well as establishing links with the world outside of Europe, in particular the...


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