Devrimci İşçi Partisi, 20 Nisan 2015
2015 is the centenary of the deportation and massacre to which the Armenians of the Anatolian plateau were subjected by the Ottoman government under the Committee of Union and Progress. We as the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) declare that these events amount to genocide and that governments that purport to represent the people of Turkey should recognise this act of genocide and do whatever is necessary and possible to redeem and redress the harm thus done to the Armenian people.
Savas Mihail, 4 Şubat 2015
Fighting both sectarian blindness and opportunist adaptation to the new government, we intervene in the class struggle actualizing our program with transitional demands to cancel the debt, to end austerity and unemployment, to brake from the imperialists of the EU, the US and NATO, for bread, jobs, freedom, health, education, to take back the life that they have stolen from us, the people. Thus, we develop our ties with the broad masses entering now with renewed hopes and courage, in the arena of struggle where their fate will be decided.
Sungur Savran, 16 Ocak 2015
In politics there is a golden rule: beware agreements that cut across all political currents! The tragedy of Charlie Hebdo has been turned into a farce by the mammoth march in Paris, along with similar ones in cities across France, large and small. It is an insult on human intelligence to tie, in whatever combination, the names of Wolinski, Charb, Cabu and company with people of the ilk of the Camerons, Merkels, Rajoys, Renzis and Junckers of the world!
Devrimci İşçi Partisi, 10 Ekim 2014
Stop killing the people! Lift the covert state of emergency!Heroes of the Gezi rebellion, this is the time for solidarity! The Kurdish children who die are the brothers of Berkin!Pesh merga and PKK guerrillas to Kobanê!Fight ISIL, an enemy not only of the Kurds but also of the Alevis!For a general strike of the workers and public employees against the killings and war-mongering of the ISIL and the AKP!
Gerçek, 30 Eylül 2014
On the 25th and 26th of September, 2014, representatives of the Kurdish population living in Istanbul on the West of Turkey visited the south-eastern border region with Rojava, i.e. Syrian or South-western Kurdistan, in order to express their solidarity with the Kurdish population of Kobani, one of the three cantons of Rojava which is currently under attack from the ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).
DİP-EEK-Neos Anthropos , 27 Temmuz 2014
On the 40th anniversary of the coup the Greek colonels engineered and the military occupation of the north of the island by the Turkish armed forces, three organisations from Cyprus, Turkey and Greece published a joint statement to condemn the military occupation and declare their resolve to fight for the self-determination of Cyprus. 40 years is enough! End immediately the Turkish military occupation of Cyprus! Close down the British military bases!
Sungur Savran, 19 Temmuz 2014
31 May was the anniversary of the eruption of the popular rebellion in Turkey that has gone under the name of Gezi Park around the world. On that anniversary, a virtual state of emergency was established in Istanbul, with 25 thousand police officers deployed around Taksim Square, the political, cultural and tourism centre of Istanbul, where the AKP government’s plan to build a shopping mall in the place of the park siding the square was frustrated by the revolt in 2013.
The recent conquest by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) of large chunks of Iraq, starting with the city of Falluja and parts of Ramadi some six months ago, and then since 10 June, the successive taking of Mosul, the second city of Iraq, Tikrit, Saddam’s hometown, Tel Afar, where a large Turkmen population lives, and of the whole area stretching west of Baghdad towards the frontier with Jordan and Saudi Arabia is the result of a series of crimes committed by US and EU imperialisms, the reactionary Gulf states and the Tayyip Erdogan government in Turkey in their quest to consol
RedMed.org , 23 Mayıs 2014
The dramatic events in Ukraine occupy the center of world politics and are sure to determine decisively developments not solely in the region and in the whole of Europe, but the future of humanity at large.
Gerçek, 14 Mayıs 2014
No work-related accident, a true massacre! Hold to account the murderers of the miners! Down with the government! For a general strike until all demands are met! Tell the people the truth regarding the number of the dead! An Independent Investigation Commission to bring the causes of the massacre to light! Stop the de facto state of emergency in Soma!


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