Revolutionary Marxism 2017: The first special annual issue of Devrimci Marksizm

Revolutionary Marxismis a brand new journal of theory with quite a long history. The irony derives from the fact that this journal is the English edition of a journal that has been published in Turkish for ten years. Devrimci Marksizm has now brought out its first special annual issue Revolutionary Marxism 2017.

The English version is planned to come out once a year. This year’s first issue carries articles by some of the regular contributors to the Turkish journal as well as pieces by Savas Michael Matsas from Greece, Tamas Kráusz from Hungary and Ewa Groszewska from Poland. The main topics taken up are the rise of what we at the journal call “proto-fascism” in the advanced countries, in particular the election of Donald Trump to the most powerful political position in the world, the surge in class struggles internationally since 2011, Islamism on the international arena and in Turkey, and the analysis of the collapse of the Soviet Union on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

Revolutionary Marxism 2018 will, in all probability, focus on the centenary of the October Revolution and the 150th anniversary of the publication of Volume 1 of Marx’s Capital, as well as dwelling on more topical issues.

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