Solidarity with DIP women spreads like wildfire!

Six women members of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) of Turkey are being persecuted for their activity around the International Working Women’s Day. On 6 March 2016, the six women were distributing a DIP leaflet appealing to women to join the action to be held on women’s day in the main square of Çorlu, an industrial working class city west of Istanbul, when police took them under custody because there was reference to state repression of Kurdish women in the text of the leaflet. The public prosecutor later indicted our comrades on the basis of the Anti-Terrorism Act for support to and propaganda of terrorism.

The court case opened at the Assize Court of Çorlu last Thursday, 26 May 2016. The first hearing of the trial was a big success for the defence. The six defendants, young women whose ages range from 19 to 35, put up a courageous example of  political defence, stressing the commitment of DIP to women’s liberation all around the world and the support that DIP extends to the rightful struggle of the Kurdish people for its legitimate rights. The defendants were unrepentant and gave statements that acted as unambiguous instances of political defence on their part.

The lawyers pointed out that the leaflet for which the women of DIP were being indicted was an official statement of the party and openly claimed by the party centre, which implies that the case should go to the Constitutional Court, which alone is powered to try political parties for supposed criminal offences. They therefore demanded that the court declare it is incompetent to oversee the case. In addition, on the substance of the case, they pointed out that the women of DIP expressed outrage and solidarity in the face of the scores of cases of humiliation of Kurdish women by the Turkish “security forces” and that, in the final analysis, what the court case really was making a target was solidarity between women of different peoples (Turkish and Kurdish), solidarity for which DIP women stood resolutely. The lawyers also quoted verbatim statements by many different spokespeople of the AKP, including many members of the council of ministers to the effect that Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK pursued visionary policies that inspired a new dawn for the Middle East and a statement by Tayyip Erdogan from the 1990s in which he says one should be as much against state terrorism as one is against the PKK! On the basis of these and other evidence, the defence lawyers demanded immediate acquittal, in case the former procedural demand was not granted.

The prosecution was cornered and asked for additional time to reflect on two counts (the demand for refusal of jurisdiction by the court and, in case this is not granted, the demand for immediate acquittal). The trial was adjourned to 13 June, when prosecution will present their final position on the case and the DIP lawyers will respond to that final assessment. This will then lead to the final decision of the court, most probably on the same day.

During their intervention, the lawyers presented to the court a copy of a publicity advertisement in a left-wing daily that carried the petition of our foreign friends and comrades with the signatures of hundreds of comrades and friends from around the world. We think that the success of the trial also depends on that support and we thank everyone who subscribed to this petition and, even more so, those who established the link to many of these people. 



Six women members of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) of Turkey are being persecuted for their activity regarding the 8 March Women’s Day. They are now being tried in court for “support to and propaganda of terrorism” simply because they have expressed solidarity with Kurdish women brazenly repressed and humiliated by security forces.

On 6 March 2016, the six women were distributing a DIP leaflet appealing to women to join the action to be held on women’s day in the main square of Çorlu, an industrial working class city west of Istanbul, when police took them under custody because there was reference to state repression of Kurdish women in the text of the leaflet. The public prosecutor later indicted the six women and the court case is opening at the Assize Court of Çorlu next Thursday, 26 May 2016.

The allegation of “support to and propaganda of terrorism” is a judgment of mere intent. After having touched upon a series of forms of women’s oppression, the DIP leaflet then points out that some months ago, within the context of the war stepped up by Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP since last summer, the naked body of a Kurdish woman guerrilla had been dumped in the midst of a Kurdish city for display to the public, so as to sow terror amongst the population. The leaflet severely condemns this brazen act of humiliation of women, expresses solidarity with Kurdish women subjected to this and similar other acts of aggression, and salutes the struggle of Kurdish women engaged in self-defence against such practice on the part of security forces. It was this that the prosecutor immediately labelled as support to and propaganda for terrorism.

In its struggle against women’s oppression and for women’s liberation, in the face of a tremendous increase in violence against women in Turkey in recent years, the DIP has systematically called for “self-defence groups” composed of women to fight violence against women, both in the Western parts of the country, in the industrial heartlands amongst working women and on campuses for female students and, quite naturally, also in the Kurdish regions of the country. The fact that it is security forces that have committed this brutal denigration of women does not make this demand any less urgent, but, if anything, even more so.

The court case against the six DIP women is a case of attempted repression of women’s struggle against oppression, of solidarity between the Turkish and Kurdish peoples and of the struggle of DIP for a just and free society.


We call on the Turkish judiciary to drop all charges against these women fighting women’s oppression and for the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people. 

Name, Affiliation, Country

Nancy Holmstrom, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, USA

Eleni Varikas, Professor of Politics and Gender Studies, France

Rada Ivekovic, Professor of Philosophy, France

Ana Bazac, Professor of Philosophy, Romania

Samir Amin, Professor of Economics, Egypt-France-Senegal

Michel Löwy, Director Emeritus of Research, CNRS, France

Sharon Leder, Dr., President of Feminists Against Academic Discrimination, USA

Feminists for Another Europe

Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary of the EEK, Department of  Communication and Mass Media of  the University of Athens, Greece

Thodoros Koutsoumbos, Journalist, Chief Editor of the newspaper  NEA PROOPTIKH, Greece

Yannis Aggelis, Journalist, member of the Executive of the Union of Journalists of Athens, Greece

Katerina Matsa, Psychiatrist, Editor of the Psychiatry Notebooks, head of the  Drug Addiction Department of the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, Greece

Judit Morva, Economist, Hungary

Alexander Buzghalin, Professor, Movement Alternativi, Russian Federation

Ludmila Bulavka, Professor, Movement Alternativi, Russian Federation

Maria Komninos, Professor of Mass Media, Greece

Bertell Ollman, Professor of political science, USA

Osvaldo Coggiola, Professor of History, Brasil

Roberto Yépez, Opción Obrera, Venezuella

Jorge Altamira, Partido Obrero, Argentina

Nestor Pitrola, Member of Federal Parliament (Partido Obrero), Argentina

Soledad Sosa, Member of Federal Parliament (Partido Obrero), Argentina

Pablo Lopez, Member of Federal Parliament (Partido Obrero), Argentina

Flavia Oregon, International Secretary, Unity List, Denmark

Rafaél Fernandez, Partido de los Trabajadores, Uruguay

Marios Begzos, Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Greece

Dr. Tatiana Filimonova, Dr., Plakhanov House, Russian Federation

Bernard Founou Tchuigoua, Third World Forum, Senegal-Cameroun

Mikhail.B Konashev, Professor, Member of the Academy of Social Sciences, Russian Federation

Donatella Ascoli, Regional Steering Committe, CGIL Veneto, Italy

Carlo Ghezzi, President of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Domenico Moccia, Vice President of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Roberta Papi, Vice President of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Antonio Iovito, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Andrea Righi, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Franco Grisolia, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Rossano Rossi, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Maurizio Fabbri, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Kurosh Danesh, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Lorenzo Centenari, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Laura Bongiovanni, Member of National Committee of Union of Insurance Workers, CGIL, Italy

Enrico Pellegrini, Provincial Steering Committee CGIL Venice, Italy

Stefano Fontana, Provincial Steering Committee, FIOM, CGIL Venice, Italy

Stefano D'Intinosante, Provincial Steering Committee CGIL Treviso, Italy

Antonino Marceca, Regional Steering Committee, Public Sector CGIL, Veneto, Italy

Alessandro Busetto, Provincial head of the Union CUB Public Sector, Università Cà Foscari, Venice, Italy

Alessandro Borin, Regional head of the Autonomous Union of Transport Workers, FAOAI Veneto, Italy

Solidarity Iniative of Employed, Unemployed and Flexible Workers of Heraklion, Greece

Refugee/Immigrant Housing Squat Notara 26, Greece

Douglas Raybeck, Professor of Anthropology, Hamilton College, USA

Roslyn Feldberg, PhD Associate, Center for Women and Work University of Massachusetts/Lowell, USA

Julie Boddy, Professor of History, USA

Barry Weisleder, Federal secretary, Socialist Action, Ligue pour l'Action socialiste, Canada

Calliope Rigopoulou, Professor, Department of Communication and Mass Media, University of Athens, Greece

Ioannis Andreadis, Professor Emeritus, Panteion University of Athens, Greece

Daria Mitina, Secretary of International relations of teh United Communist party of Russian Federation, Russian Federation

Said Gafourov, Economist and Journalist, Moscow, Russian Federation

Attila Melegh, Professor of sociology, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary

Matyas Benyik, Economist, Board Member of Karl Marx Society, Hungary

Bob Stone, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Long Island University, co-founder, Center for Global Justice, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Susan Weissman, Professor of Politics, Saint Mary's College of CA, USA

Robert Brenner, Professor of History, Director of Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, UCLA, USA

Vivek Chibber, New York Üniversitesi, Sosyoloji Bölümü, Profesör, USA

Claudio Katz, Professor of Economics, University of Buenos Aires and researcher at the National Council of Science and Technology, Argentina

Rossen Djagalov, New York University, Department of Russian and Slavic Studies, Assistant professor, USA

Joel Andreas, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University, Associate Professor, USA

Michael Levien, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University, Assistant Professor, USA

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Ewa Groszewska, Sociologist, Association Cooperation between South and East, Poland

Monika Karbowska, Social Forum of East and Central Europe, Poland -France

Piotr Lewandowski, Association Cooperation between South and East, Poland

 Ewa Gąsowska, Association Cooperation between South and East, Poland

Sotiria Zouka, Psychologist, Greece

Alexis Nassati, Unemployed, Greece

MTL, Trotskyist organization, member of CRFI, Finland

Radical Left of Oulu, Study circle, Finland

Dimitris Mizaras, Teacher, Finland

Juha Tapio, Lecturer, Finland

Nan Wiegersma          Hatfield, USA

Popi Christodoulidou, Journalist, member of the executive of  EDOEAP ( Social Security Fund of Greek Journalists), Greece

Kostas Avramidis, Member of the executive of thr Union of Employees in the Technical Institute of Greece, Greece

Iosif Abramson, Professor of Physical Technologies, RPK, Russia

Yevgeny Kozlov, PhD Historian, RPK, Russia

Victor Тyulkin, Victor ТyulThe Secretary of  RKRP  CC, Russia

Vladimir Soloveychik, Journalist, Russia

Yury Simonov, International Association of Inhabitants (IAI), Russia

Rouslan Kostyuk, Professor of History, Russia

David Epstein, Professor  of  Economy, Russia

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Viacheslav Kuznetsov, PhD of Technology Studies, Manager, RPK, Russia

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Alex Steiner, Editor, Http://, USA

Αntoinetta Angelidi, Film Director, Greece

Rea Wallden, PhD in Philosophy, Greece

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Gioele Costantini, Provincial Coordinator of PCL, Section of Venice “Piero Tresso, Italy

Maurizio Freschi, Candidate for Mayor for PCL in the commune of Oderzo (province of Treviso), Italy

Diego Ardissono, university student, militant of PCL, Italy

Roberto Rossi, Provincial coordinator of PCL, Vicenza section, Italy

Roberto Galvanin, Union representative of USB Stefani SPA, Vicenza, Italy

Giovanni Urioni, Steering committee FLC e CGIL, Pordenone, Italy

Francesco Moisio, Director UNITÀ DI CLASSE (the monthly magazine of PCL), Italy

Dario Zurlo, student, militant of PCLstudente militante del PCL, Italy

Marco Bedendo, university student, militant of PCLstudente universitario militante del PCL, Italy

Guido Belle, Sympathiser of Simpatizzante PCL, Italy

Claudio Bettelle, member ofiscritto PCL, Italy

Collettivo Universitario RedAnt, Italy

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Ville V., Student, Finland

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Mikael Pe., Student, Finland

Elina Heikkala, Student, Finland

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Laisth Jasmin, Finland

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Irini Koziraki, Civil engineer, Greece

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Nikolaos Spanoudakis, Unemployed, Greece

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Erofili Anastassaki, Worker, Greece

Marina Deligiannaki, Musician, Greece

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Eirini Karousi, Unemployed, Greece

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Giorgos Papoutsis, Clerk, Greece

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Marina Ikonomaki, Teacher, Greece

Giorgos Koulis, Builder, Greece

Nikos Zampoulakis, Teacher – member of the local board of Heraklion of the federation of public empoyees, Greece

Giorgos Paipakopoulos, Student, Greece

Leonidas Maroulis, Student, Greece

Leonidas Christodoulos, Student, Greece

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Katerina Savaki, Clerk, Greece

Manolis Kokolakis, Freelance professional, Greece

Andreas Anastassakis, Public servant, Greece

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Irini Vazeou, Teacher, Greece

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Aristidis Velidakis, Teacher, Greece

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Kostas Vlachakis, Clerk, Greece

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Vassilis Louladakis, Student, Greece

Maria Vrachnaki, unemployed, Greece

Giorgos Charitos, Architect, Greece

Giorgos Anastassakis, Merchant, Greece

Marina Chatzaki, Student, Greece

Georgia Stivaktkai, Student, Greece

Panagiotis Georgiakakis, Biologist, Greece

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Gaelle Sivager, Employment concellor, Greece

Giannis Kouroupakis, Clerk, Greece

Nikos Metaxarakis, Clerk, Greece

Ismael Sezer, Clerk, Greece

Kostas Vlachakis, Technical worker, Greece

Despina Christodoulou, Clerk, Greece

Maria Panagi, Clerk, Greece

Giorgos Iakovitis, Student, Greece

Maria Vrachnaki, Dentist, Greece

Stavroula Christodoulopoulou, Dancer, Greece

Vassilis Aretakis, Student, Greece

Giorgos Mazitsos, Teacher, Greece

Achillleas Dannalis, Student, Greece

Emanouella Baggeri, Student, Greece

Giorgos Bokalakis, Archeologist, Greece

Poppi Manassaki, Teacher, Greece

Dimitrios Komninakidis, Teacher, Greece

Maria Kopidaki, Teacher, Greece

Tilemachos Griniezakis, Teacher, Greece

Aspa Sampali, Trainer, Greece

Ioanna Tillianaki, Teacher, Greece

Nikolaos Foundoulakis, Informatics teacher, Greece

Stefania Lemonaki, Teacher, Greece

Ernestos Aggelis, Teacher, Greece