The workers of one of the largest food retailers in Bulgaria, went on wildcat strikes across the country since 20th of March that mainly took place in Sofia and Varna, after not receiving wages for over months. The company owners and high management are in hiding and refuse to make any explanation to the workers about the wage theft. In Sofia the workers alongside Autonomous Worker’s Union, protested in front of the company’s headquarters and in Varna they occupied the largest store in the chain and then marched to the bank in control of the company’s assets. During their months long struggle the workers of Picadilly joined their forces with the workers of Max Telecom, the miners of Bobov Dol, toilers from Dupnitsa and chemical factory workers from Dimitrovgrad to organize a joint campaign. The first coordinated action of this campaign happened in 5th of September, around 150 workers from different cities marched in front of the Bulgarian Parliament in Sofia and raised their voices against the wage theft of their bosses.
Here below is an open letter that was published in the monthly newspaper of the Autonomous Worker’s Union, written by a Picadilly worker:

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